Wouldn’t it be GREAT if raising kids and dogs together could be less stressful?

The Pooch Parenting Society membership offers peace of mind for parents with dogs.

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    Getting help before the unthinkable happens
    makes you a SMART Parent

    Practical support for overwhelmed parents with dogs!

    Mom, baby and dog
    Keeping it real.
    Love isn’t enough.

    I’ll share my proven strategies to help you keep everyone safe – physically and emotionally, all with your sanity intact.

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    Focused on Family


    Enjoy practical, easy to implement strategies so that we can reduce the chaos and help
    everyone to behave better.

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    Family Activities for
    all Ages & Stages

    Whether you have babies or tweens, you’ll get games and activities for the whole family – dog included. Love living with your family dog.

    You’re in great hands here

    Dr. Mona Amin - Peds Doc Talk

    “Michelle is a true professional! She understands dog behavior so well and has amazing tips to foster a healthy relationship between dogs and kids. As a pediatrician, momma to an 8-month-old, and dog mom myself; I have learned so much about dogs from her and @poochparenting. I highly recommend her for any of your dog training needs. I will be utilizing her services even more so now that we moved to a new home and our pup, Shiloh, is having a hard time adjusting.”

    — Dr. Mona Amin, D.O., Board Certified Pediatrician and Host of The Pedsdoctalk Podcast

    Malena De Martini - Separation Anxiety Expert

    “I am so grateful to know Michelle Stern both personally and professionally. As a practitioner who works exclusively concerning the safety and happiness of dogs and children or babies, she is legend! Whenever I encounter clients with families that need help with their dog, I know Michelle will be able to help them with compassion, empathy, and tremendous skill.”

    — Malena DeMartini, CTC, Author of Treating Separation Anxiety In Dogs

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